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Mehrnoosh Honey Private Equity

International Honey Trade Company located in north of Iran where is known by the city of Honey. Our company has been in the business of export in over 20 years to Turkey and Arabic countries.

Company Name :      Asal Baran Baghro Registration number: 9922
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Mehrnoosh Family Honey

4 honey comb honey is harvested in summer

Packed in special foam and plumbed away from heat

Healthy products and souvenirs for all people around the world to receive and consume sweet even in the hottest areas.

These products are the best quality and best price are exported to countries in the Persian Gulf.

every pack is 7 kg net weight in one specific foam .






Honey for Patients with diabetes Type B

This honey 100% natural and can be used also for diabetics. Because in the production of  this Honey , bees are not used to sugar syrup to feed Honey bees collect nectar from flowers and plants to have.

Each metal containers with easy opening doors to the net weight of one kilogram with product ID

Under 2 g of sucrose

Each pack is a 6 in 1



Nourished Honey

This product is different from the nectar of plants according to various kinds of plants in sweet and suitable for daily use and use in desserts and other delicious dishes.


12 pcs in one carton packaging is white.

Weights 500 grams and one kilogram of PET containers to be packed.

10 g sucrose per cent

With doors sealed


Natural Standard Honey Sucrose under 5

This product is for beekeepers migrate with the changing seasons of various plants fed And according to the sucrose (sugar artificially) very low it a perfect product for daily use and energy of the body.

Honey 6 in1 packing

This honey is sugar, 5 grams percent

Pure and naturalness of the honey bee has been confirmed by laboratory quality control.

Standard Seal of the Department of Food and Drug Administration and Health Code



Honey in Tin 28 kg

This product is for major selling honey from nectar collected from different regions of Iran

With approximate weight 28 kg of tin

Metal doors